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Home Education

Our Homeschool

  This new blog post is coming to you to help ease some of the uncertainty many families are facing right now. I have had many messages and emails sent to me asking for advice on how to start homeschooling, on what curriculum I use, why I started homeschooling, and how does my day looks… Continue reading Our Homeschool

Home Education

A Day in the Life of Our Math Journey

Today, I shared about what we use for math in our homeschool as part of the #hereisourhomeschool May Challenge from Intentional Homeschool on Instagram. Each day there is a prompt to use to share a little about your homeschool. "Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."-Albert Einstein Yes it is, but… Continue reading A Day in the Life of Our Math Journey

Home Education

September Book Log

Well, I must say that September felt like it lasted only 2 days! It's hard to believe that it's the first week of October and my kids are planning Halloween costumes and it's pumpkin spice everything. We had a great month of lessons, we started slow with morning basket and then added in math, english… Continue reading September Book Log

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Non Toxic Laundry Tips

Ever hear that joke that your epidermis is showing? My kids love to say that to unsuspecting people and watch the horror spread on their faces when they try to figure out what an epidermis is. And in case you don't know, your epidermis is your skin.😉 Our skin is the largest organ of our… Continue reading Non Toxic Laundry Tips

Home Education

Our Families Read Aloud’s

Today I'm sharing the books I've chosen for our years worth of read-aloud's. This list just makes me so happy. I spent a great amount of time pursuing recommendations for books on Instagram and looking through book awards lists of books from years past and present. It was a beautiful way to spend a few… Continue reading Our Families Read Aloud’s

Home Education

Our Homeschool Statement 2019-20

Early August mornings are some of the best. The sunrise is peaking through the trees and sending beams across the dewy grass. The fog is just lifting up from the low places in the fields and from my chair I can see a spider web with silver droplets of dew. Its chilly and I'm wearing… Continue reading Our Homeschool Statement 2019-20

Clean Living

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray

Today I am writing about one of the cleaning products that we use instead of conventional chemical cleaners. My multi-purpose spray made from infused vinegar, and distilled water is super easy, incredibly cheap and effective. The #1 reason I switched to only homemade cleaners is the chronic and constant exposure adds to the body’s “toxic… Continue reading Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray

Clean Living, Family, Homemaking

My Clean Living Story

This is part of my story about why I use certain products and why I share information about them. 100% the reason I use these products is for my six children and their futures. Once our oldest Leah was born I started questioning everything I was putting in and on this new little life. I… Continue reading My Clean Living Story

Home Education

May Reading Log

May started off with slightly cooler temperatures and by the end of the month we were treated to heat. There were forest fires in our province that brought in a few days of a smoke filled haze. Everything was in an eire filter. Our reading for lessons dwindled quite a bit due to a bit… Continue reading May Reading Log


The Herb Garden, Echinacea

Today I'm writing about my favourite place in the our garden, the herb garden. A few years ago I changed our home garden to raised beds and containers. We mulched all the area around it to cut back on the weeds (yeah right🤪) and also built an area for my perennial herbs. I'll start in… Continue reading The Herb Garden, Echinacea