About Me

Thank you for stopping in here to read about the beautiful mundane moments of my life. I wear many hats as a woman; I am a wife, mama of six, home educator, daughter, sister, aunt, and a friend. I love living in the country growing my children and our life in fresh air and plenty… Continue reading About Me

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November Book Log

Our November was gorgeous! We had unbelievably mild temps with a few snow storms that actually were very happily received by me. I had 2 snow days where we throughly enjoyed a free day. We lingered over our lessons, played outside and I didn't worry about having to be anywhere at a specific time. It… Continue reading November Book Log


Embracing Each Others Weaknesses and Cultivating Growth

A few months ago we were driving into town for some reason or another after a hard day, and I mean it was a HARD day.  The kids were at each others throats and constantly belittling each other. I had listened to entirely too much of it and my soul was very troubled. It is… Continue reading Embracing Each Others Weaknesses and Cultivating Growth

Home Education

October Book List

October gave us a gorgeous month, we spent many hours out enjoying the sounds of crunchy leaves, and the crisp fall air. I have to say that beautiful blue sky October's are my absolute favourite time of the year. With all that beautiful weather, I shepherded the kids outside as much as possible. With the… Continue reading October Book List

Baby, Children

Our Sixth Blessing

This morning, like most mornings I wake up with our youngest one and our toddler, both pressed against me. Our toddler holding my hand in his sleep and our baby with her small body wrapped around me, nestled in nursing with my arms cupping her soft body with all my gentleness and reassuring messages imprinting… Continue reading Our Sixth Blessing

Home Education

Our September Reading Log

This month was the start of our purposeful learning. It was also the start of our new English courses using Brave Writer. For myself, I have spent the evenings reading entirely too late. I've not been handling the new busyness of September well so reading has helped me fall asleep without overthinking as much as… Continue reading Our September Reading Log


The Other Benefits Of Reading You May Not Have Thought Of

I've noticed over the last six months or more that when our life is thrown out of balance or one of the kids or I, are having an especially hard time, that reading helped soothe those frazzled moments. It's my go to for when my kids are super out of sorts. If everyone is kinda… Continue reading The Other Benefits Of Reading You May Not Have Thought Of