About Me

Thank you for stopping in here to read about the beautiful mundane moments of my life. I wear many hats as a woman; I am a wife, mama of six, home educator, daughter, sister, aunt, and a friend. I love living in the country growing my children and our life in fresh air and plenty… Continue reading About Me

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May Reading Log

May started off with slightly cooler temperatures and by the end of the month we were treated to heat. There were forest fires in our province that brought in a few days of a smoke filled haze. Everything was in an eire filter. Our reading for lessons dwindled quite a bit due to a bit… Continue reading May Reading Log


The Herb Garden, Echinacea

Today I'm writing about my favourite place in the our garden, the herb garden. A few years ago I changed our home garden to raised beds and containers. We mulched all the area around it to cut back on the weeds (yeah right🤪) and also built an area for my perennial herbs. I'll start in… Continue reading The Herb Garden, Echinacea

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Our March and April Reads

Happy Spring to everyone! We very happily welcomed March in with welcome arms. The return of longer days, warmer temperatures, snow receding and all the signs of spring are very exciting points in our seasonal calendar. The kids and I are so overjoyed to point out the swelling buds on the trees, the first of… Continue reading Our March and April Reads


Our Cuba Adventure

I'm writing this two days post holiday wrapped in a blanket, sweat pants and a sweater. We are missing the sun, colour and warmth immensely. Coming home from a tropical holiday to mud, cold and drabness can be totally depressing. Add in some major sleep deprivation, jet leg, and a bad head cold has it… Continue reading Our Cuba Adventure


February Book Log

The end of February snuck past me last week. I think it must have been the shorter amount of days since I kept expecting a few more days and when I went to fill out our homeschool planner yesterday I was a little shocked that it was March 3. Amazing that we are on to… Continue reading February Book Log


My Children’s Chores

I'm often asked how I manage to keep my home, raise six children, homeschool them and not look like a crazy person😜Its almost always the first thing said to me (usually after the comment......you sure have your hands full) from "well meaning" strangers we meet. I often say, that I have adapted into this role… Continue reading My Children’s Chores

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Our Snow Unit Study

Earlier this year we started our snow unit study for our family. It is intended for our 4 year old and 8 year old but my older children still love joining in with these fun activities so I like to include them as well; that's one of the beautiful things about homeschool, we can tailor… Continue reading Our Snow Unit Study